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TJL 2.0 Drum Sample Pack


TJL 2.0 are the second installment in the TJL drum sample series and were recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. The samples are 1 full kit (kick, toms, and snare) which were the main drums used on Jason and Lukes live performance session with Meinl, processed through Taylor Larson's analog gear of choice at Blackbird Studios the way he likes it. All 24 bit WAV files (so that you can load them into whatever program you like) and the kit also comes with TCI files for Steven Slate Trigger. Hard, medium, and soft velocities. 5 hits per velocity (excluding kick drum. Kick drum is hard, and medium velocity, and 3 hits for medium). There are also close room mics and far room mics. To have it sound the way Taylor likes it he recommends using all of the rooms that go with each hit! Thanks! :)

You can hear an HD preview of the samples in the video below!

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