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Files come as .gp(Guitar Pro 7) .gpx(Guitar Pro 6) .gp5(Guitar Pro 5) and .pdf formats.

In this lesson pack I've transcribed 9 different scales:

*Major Modes
*Harmonic Minor
*Harmonic Major
**Hirajoshi Minor
*Melodic Minor Jazz
*Melodic Minor Classical
*Blues Shred

Each scale is written out in every single position with fingering I would use for the exercises and picking. 7 note scales* have 7 different positions, 5** note scales have 5 different positions and the diminished scale has 8*** notes so there are 8 different positions.

Almost every scale has 1-3 accompanying exercises for each position. They range from 16th note ascending and descending patterns to become more familiar with the anatomy of the scales, outlining 7th chords/arpeggios within each scale and ascending in 5ths. Examples of 3 exercises are posted in the product photos. The examples are Major Modes scale Ionian ascending in 5ths, a Hirajoshi exercise and outlined Harmonic Major 7th arpeggios.

Even if you are already familiar with each of these scales the fingerings in a lot of the exercises are intended to eliminate as much barring as possible with minimal exceptions due to ergonomics/efficiency or unrealistic fingerings when it comes to eliminating barring. Sometimes there is just no efficient way to not bar some notes so the minimal barring transcribed in the exercises is intentional.