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MixWave Jason Richardson Plug-In


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There are few names in music as celebrated for their pure skill as Jason Richardson. Having continually raised the bar of what's physically possible with the instrument, Jason has become an iconic figure of modern guitar. His distinctive solo compositions are examples of his tremendous abilities, covering a vast range of styles and techniques and pushing them to their limits.

Jason came to MixWave studios to create his latest record, 'II', and the team saw an incredible opportunity to build a plugin that really captured the intense variety of tones that make up Jason's songwriting. Created concurrently to the recording process, the final tones on the album came entirely from the plugin prototype. With a few further tweaks, the result is a multi-faceted sonic tool that faithfully recreates the tones in Jason's project and beyond.

We proudly present, MixWave: Jason Richardson.

Check out this walkthrough of the plug in below: