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Axe FX 2 Live Patches 2018



These are all 10 patches that I've been using when I perform live!

Patches include:
Rhythm + Lofi FX scene
Rhythm + Lofi FX scene (TIGHT noise gate)
Lead + Ambient and Lofi FX scenes
Ho Down (country-esque sound)
Clean + Dotted eighth note delay scene

Aaand if you were ever curious as to how I play Tonga live with a 7 string when it's actually an 8 string song I've included all 5 of those patches as well along with their corresponding scenes. The pitch of my guitar is being changed up and down throughout the whole song.

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Please make sure your Axe FX firmware is up to date. It should also be noted our support contact is not Fractal Audio support. Files were exported with an Axe FX 2XL+ on Mac OSX 10.13.4, Axe-Edit 3.14.3 and Firmware Quantum 10.01.

If updating your firmware doesn't make the patches work try using Fractool to convert the file appropriately for your Axe FX model. Download Fractool by clicking HERE

Any further issues other than additional downloads please email Fractal Audio Support: [email protected]

Listen to the tones here in this video: